We Are Nominated as The Top Lifestyle Company in Indonesia by BestStartup.Asia

Woohoo! We are so content to tell you such endearing news. We are nominated as the Top Lifestyle Company in Indonesia by BestStartup.Asia, what an honor!

How did we get nominated? Monoliving as a simple lifestyle store that comes with minimalist designs has expanded into an online shop that curates a collection of carefully selected products. With sustainable, customizable, and comfortable home furnishing that can last for a lifetime motto, we are here to solve people's problems. 

Sustainable fashion has been on people’s minds for a while, but sustainable furniture hasn’t been as much of a talking point. ⁣Keeping a sofa for a long time is one thing; having it continue to look good is another. The average lifespan of most sofas is only about three years. That means our customers need to spend more money to buy a new sofa every three years or less. This problem leads to the frightful fact that about nine million furniture wastes go to landfills every year. In conclusion, our customers need furniture that lasts for a long time. 

To answer our customers' problems, we provide them with long-lasting furniture with principles. We call it 3B; Be Sustainable, Be Customizable, and Be Comfortable. Our ace product, Bodd Litt, being the starting point to manifest these principles. 

We build Bodd Litt as a sofa that exceeds our customers' expectations. This product is recyclable, has add-ons and spare parts available, has an open-source collaborative part and design, and has a long-term lifecycle. We take many sustainable decisions on making it to prove its durability and longevity and turning it to last for many years.

This nomination makes us more enthusiastic to challenge ourselves to be better as a brand. For the upcoming, we can't wait to create an innovation and hear your thoughts to collaborate with us!

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